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Название: The plenary session of Camarzana
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The plenary session of Camarzana de Tera was finally approved to establish the purchase price of tickets in the Roman villa at 1 euro. Both separately and in groups. The debate among the councilors resulted in the decline from the initially proposed price of 3 euros. On poe currency the other hand, the measure That will start to be Implemented Shortle will be reviewed after a period of six months has elapsed.  At the plenary session held on the night of the last Friday, the City Council of Camarzana, Tera, agreed to rent the four garages of Centro Street, a municipal land and which had been used as a warehouse and others. In such buildings there is another garage, but it is connected to the older houses of the masters. The Corporation has decided to fix an auction of 25 euros per month for the lease of each garage.

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