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Название: How to fix ATT email login errors on iPhone?
Отправлено: Mayte Garcia от Апрель 16, 2019, 08:19:51
AT&T Support (https://customer-care-help.com/what-is-att-numbers-how-to-get-it/)
Login errors with ATT email on iPhone can be resolved quite easily. Firstly, you need to configure the server and the port settings. The details for the same have been given below. There can be other solutions that can be applied to resolving such errors. You can take a glance at some of the suggestions that have been given below or can directly dial the Contact ATT Email Customer Service (https://customer-care-help.com/att-email-support/).
Server and the port settings:
•   Incoming server hostname- imap.mail.att.net
•   Outgoing mail server hostname- smtp.mail.att.net
•   Incoming port number- 993
•   Outgoing port number- 465

   Make sure that you are entering the correct username and password
   Verify the proper availability of net connection
   Clear the web browser’s history, cookies, and cache
   Reset the web settings.
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