Автор Тема: Into to developmental psychology TAQ 3 HELP  (Прочитано 1105 раз)


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Into to developmental psychology TAQ 3 HELP
« : Июль 24, 2018, 11:59:28 »

The nature vs nurture essay... I have completed my introduction and my first paragraph which discusses the Nature debate and Bowlby's views and Lorenz study he did.. Im now moving onto discuss the nurture debate... I am right in thinking the psychologist behind this theory is Ainsworth? Or have i completely missed the boat??? Ive read so many different theories and case studies that I am all in a pickle and am now not 100% sure that that is right? Can anybody point me in the right direction if im way off or atleast tell me in on the right path?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.


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Re: Into to developmental psychology TAQ 3 HELP
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Очень интересное чтение. большое спасибо