Автор Тема: Is there any pedagogical value to teaching C as a first programming language?  (Прочитано 1017 раз)

Larry Boyd

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This topic has been making its way into a few threads now, and I figure it can spawn and stand on its own.The question is simple, does C--with all its warts and ... hiccups--have any pedagogical value as a teaching language?My opinion is that as a teaching language (especially as a first language) it is utterly horrendous and should be avoided at all costs in this day and age. That is not to say that one shouldn't learn it at some point in the academic/career wouldn't be valuable, but that it offers nothing but heartache to someone learning Computer Science.More generally, I also feel that unless you are in a specific domain--*NIX/BSD kernel development, or embedded systems--that there are far better languages out there to choose for just about any new project.

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