Автор Тема: Into to developmental psychology TAQ 3 HELP  (Прочитано 1020 раз)

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Into to developmental psychology TAQ 3 HELP
« : Август 04, 2018, 15:06:59 »

Quick question as im super confused and have read through the materials over and over again that much my brain is going to explode!
The nature vs nurture essay... I have completed my introduction and my first paragraph which discusses the Nature debate and Bowlby's views and Lorenz study he did.. Im now moving onto discuss the nurture debate... I am right in thinking the psychologist behind this theory is Ainsworth? Or have i completely missed the boat??? Ive read so many different theories and case studies that I am all in a pickle and am now not 100% sure that that is right? Can anybody point me in the right direction if im way off or atleast tell me in on the right path?

Please help.

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