Автор Тема: Is linguistics a science?  (Прочитано 1090 раз)

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Is linguistics a science?
« : Август 04, 2018, 15:18:56 »

This is partly inspired by a conversation I had with vijayjohn: do you think linguistics should be called an art or a science? Traditionally it seems like it's considered a humanity (stemming as it does from philology) but it could also be considered a social science (since it studies humans), and some areas could be considered part of formal science (the area of study that looks at subjects like mathematics, logic and theoretical computer science) or even natural science (like biology). My introductory linguistics professor called it both a science and humanity. Since nobody seems to agree on how to classify linguistics as a subject, who better to ask than a bunch of linguistics nerds?

Please help.

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Re: Is linguistics a science?
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